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According to the Ministry of Information, there are over 460 print outlets registered in Cambodia. However, the Ministry considers only 50 of them as active – which means they don’t only have a license, but also publish.

Politically Affiliated and Foreign-Owned

Among the most relevant print outlets, half of them belong to politically affiliated owners (1), which represents 43% of the readership.

The print sector is also the one where most of the foreign owners are involved. Out of 11 print outlets belonging to 10 different owners, 3 are completely foreign owned. (2)

The Least Popular Media Outlet

While the print sector remains concentrated with the top 4 outlets gathering 59% of the audience share, it is important to keep in mind that this sector is Cambodia’s least popular.

Only 11% of Cambodians only read either a magazine or a newspaper or both. While newspapers are primariliy read by the urban population and the educational elite, the influence of media ownership on opinion shaping of the majority of Cambodians is questionable.

(1) Koh Santepheap Daily; Rasmei Kampuchea Daily Newspaper; Kampuchea Thmey Daily; Deum Ampil News; Moneakseka Khmer

(2) The Khmer Times, The Phnom Penh Post,The Cambodia Daily