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Cambodian Media Companies

Out of the 41 media surveyed by the MOM, almost 90% of them belong to a registered media company with the Ministry of Commerce. It is rare, however, to find a cross-media company in Cambodia and most of the media outlets are registered with media-specific companies.

In terms of audience shares, the most important media companies are:

  • Cambodian Broadcasting Service (CBS), with 47% of the TV viewership
  • Hang Meas Video production company, with at least 23% of the TV viewership and 3.5% of the radio listenership
  • The Thai-Cambodian joint venture between Mica Media and the Ministry of Defense, owning TV5 with 9% of the TV viewership.

The Royal Government of Cambodia is also a cross-media owner with AKP news agency, TVK TV station and RNK Radio.

Due to the Cambodian media landscape, and the popularity of the TV sector, media companies including TV outlets have a potential significance on opinion-shaping of the audience.